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San Miguel is a wonderful place to visit, admire and stay in for a few days on a visit to Mexico. It is a must-see destination as part of a tour of Mexico's colonial cities. If a local festival is going on, much more so - but even during quieter times, this city has a unique, attractive charm that reflects all that is best about Mexico. Come here for a visit, and experience what it's like to feel irresistibly drawn in by its colonial spell.

We personally invite you to journey through the real Mexico; come and experience the magic of this incredible country for yourself!

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Elegant and true resting Place & Festival and traditions
Elegant and true resting Place & Festival and traditions

In this special point of Mexico will be surprised with the variety of music festivals, fashion, film and religious festivals are held. Its cuisine, rich in flavor and made ​​from a fusion of recipes from the nearest cities, as well as those of traditional Mexican cuisine is truly unique and can be enjoyed in small cafes, or restored old colonial houses. In its designation of San Miguel de Allende as a World Heritage Site, UNESCO noted that San Miguel's religious and civic buildings include "masterpieces of the style that evolved in the transition from Baroque to neoclassical." Offering up cobblestone streets, colorful facades and glimpses into lush courtyards, San Miguel is what Frommer's calls "a walker's paradise".
San Miguel is an elegant and true resting place,next to the main street and just steps from the picturesque center of San Miguel de Allende.The beautifully appointed rooms, attentive service staff invites you to enjoy the experience of this colonial gem.
Most of the Bed and Breakfast Hotels, Spanish colonial style is located in a passage lattice.

Places and A Little history about San Miguel

Places and A Little history about San Miguel

American people with taste have had a love affair with San Miguel de Allende since 1947, when modernist photographer Reva Brooks set up shop there, creating an art colony.  Centuries-old churches are being meticulously restored; stuccoed walls lining the sometimes perilously steep cobblestone streets are being recast in their original bright tones of terra-cotta and sienna. Go anytime (all four seasons in the Guanajuato highlands feel a lot like spring), and plan to spend at least five days soaking in the sun-baked, old-world flavor of vibrant San Miguel and its surrounding Colonial towns.
Most of San Miguel's sightseeing highlights are clustered around the compact downtown area. This is a wonderful city for aimless wandering along its narrow cobbled lanes. One of the best city views is from the town's Mirador, located on a hill to the southeast of the city center. At the foot of the hill is El Chorro, which spouts a natural spring where the city's women come to do laundry. Further along is Parque Juárez, a shady green belt with ponds, fountains, and benches. If you are looking for an authentic Mexican town with international flair, centuries old history, and a relaxing almost peaceful feeling, San Miguel de Allende is the vacation (or retirement spot) for you.

Celebrate your wedding in San Miguel de Allende

Celebrate your wedding in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the perfect setting for a stellar destination wedding: fascinating, romantic and festive.
Let San Miguel Weddings produce the unique wedding that reflects your personal tastes and desires, while freeing you and your guests to enjoy every moment of the wedding festivities. More and more couples are discovering San Miguel de Allende as an ideal place to get married, choosing it for its charm and romanticism, its picturesque cobblestone streets, beautiful venues, and hospitable, exclusive accommodations.
Whether you choose a small intimate wedding or a big elaborate event, we will customize your wedding adjusting to your specific needs. With the services we offer, you can save time and money and set your mind at rest knowing that all aspects of your wedding will be professionally planned and coordinated so you can fully enjoy this memorable day with your family and guests. San Miguel de Allende will be the best option for your special day.

We will definitely go back!
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We will definitely go back!
5 of 5 stars Reviewed December 15, 2011

We found Casa Schuck on the Internet while looking for a romantic spot to take my husband on his 50th birthday. The location and the photos of the villa captured my imagination but did not even begin to illustrate the exceptional features of this "five star" B&B.

Our hosts Chuck & Susan, Guillermo and David could not have been more generous, we felt like family. The intimate nature of the B & B (only 7 rooms) offers an opportunity to get to know your neighbours but allows for seclusion when desired. Our morning began with a scrumptious (and huge!) breakfast provided in the open air patio. Susan made all our tour plans and reservations without batting an eyelash. The house has a special feeling that you do not find any places. We will definitely go back (and bring more friends!). After all, we'll need to do some exploring of the countryside and all that there is to offer. - Hasta luego. Muchas gracias, Chuck , Susan and all the staff.

Events in San Miguel

Festivals and Local Events in San Miguel de Allende

In San Miguel de Allende there is literally always some sort of event or festival taking place. For daily events in San Miguel such as yoga classes, literary readings, festivals and more, check the bulletin board at La Biblioteca Publica or Public Library. Whether you are looking to experience the cultural side of San Miguel or partake in one of the local events San Miguel de Allende is sure to please. Below is a list of events or festivals that take place in San Miguel de Allende Mexico throughout the year. We are always looking for more events in San Miguel de Allende, if you know of an event or festival that we should add to the list below contact us and we will consider it.


Ano Nuevo

Jan. 1 - Ano Nuevo - New Year's Day. Mexico and San Miguel rings in the New Year with celebrations featuring music, dance, food and fireworks. The atmosphere is wild, as if all the party-goers had simultaneously won the local casino grand jackpot. It truly is a sight to behold! There is nothing quite like it. Streets are filled with revelers, and friends and families congregate for parties that often last till dawn.

Natalicio del General Ignacio Allende y Unzaga

Jan. 21 - Natalicio del General Ignacio Allende y Unzaga - Birthday of General Ignacio Allende commemorates the birth of Don Ignacio Allende, hero of Mexico's fight for independence. The town San Miguel de Allende is named after him in tribute to his sacrifice.

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Feb, Mar - Carnival - Festivity that takes place in San Miguel's, similar to Mardi Gras in the U.S. which is held in February and March. During this celebration you'll see parades, Mass ceremonies and cleansing rituals, such as people walking over hot coals.

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Sabor San Miguel Viking

Sabor San Miguel Viking - International food and wine festival was created and organized to promote Mexico's great food and wine industry. Meet and interact with important celebrities and personalities of Mexican gastronomy. Info visit website

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Semana Santa

Mar or April - Semana Santa - Holy Week, processions, celebration of Masses throughout the state. In some towns, the Burning of Judas ritual takes place, represented by paper-mache figures and cartoons of historical or contemporary personalities.

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Fiesta de San Antonio de Padua

June 13 - Fiesta de San Antonio de Padua - Festival of San Antonio de Padua. This traditional and very popular festival is held on June 13th. It is characterized by the "Los Locos" (Crazy ones) parade, where people dress in costume and masks and dance through the streets of San Miguel.

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International Guitar Festival

International Guitar Festival - Guitar festival, featuring performances throughout the city, master classes by internationally renowned artists, lectures, exhibitions of instruments, as well as a food and arts festival spotlighting traditional food and art from the region.

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Festival Internacional de Musica de Camara

Festival Internacional de Musica de Camara - International Chamber Music Festival. A classical music festival to bid farewell to the summer, featuring award-winning international ensembles, guest musicians and local artists performing in the city's open gardens. Info view website

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Fiestas Patrias

Sept 6 - 16 - Fiestas Patrias - Patriots Festival in San Miguel is over a week long festival honoring the "Cry for Independence" leading up to Mexican Independence Day. Cultural activities, civic events and fireworks are displayed daily. Takes place at Casa de Ignacio Allende.

Dia de la Independencia

Sept 15 - Dia de la Independencia - (Independence Day) September 15 & 16. Military parades and reenactment of the Grito or call for independence from Spain in 1810. Parades and fireworks are displayed throughout the city, but concentrated at El Jardin or the cities central garden.


Sanmiguelada - Also known as the Pamplonada because it is Mexico's imitation of Spain's "running of the bulls," the Sanmiguelada begun in 1973. This event has been cancelled until further notice, however we have information on past events...More

Fiesta de San Miguel Arcangel

Sept. 29 - Fiesta de San Miguel Arcangel - (Festival of the Archangel San Miguel. This festival is in honor of the Patron Saint of of San Miguel and is celebrated on September 29, every year. Cultural, social, artistic and sporting events are held throughout the city, along with bullfights.

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Dia de los Muertos

Nov 1, 2 - Dia de los Muertos - (Day of the Dead). Altars are built in homes, markets and shops to honor and receive dead souls which return to earth once a year. The day of the dead is considered a festive celebration rather than mournful event celebrating departed loved ones.

Annual Jazz Festival

Annual Jazz Festival - The Annual Jazz Festival is an opportunity to show some of the history behind Jazz as well as the history and culture that San Miguel de Allende offers to its visitors. Info view website

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Dia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe

Dec 12 - Dia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe - (Virgin of Guadalupe Day).The Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico. She appeared to the Indian Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac in the early 16th century. Celebration includes mass, serenades and pilgrimages.

Fiesta de Navidad

Dec 16 - 24 - Fiesta de Navidad - Christmas festivities in San Miguel de Allende celebrates its Christmas festivals with events for all the family with traditional posadas, pastoral plays, music, canticles and parades. The giant Christmas tree is lit in front of La Parroquio...More

Festival de San Miguel de Allende

Festival de San Miguel de Allende - International music festival, presented during the last two weeks of the year, the festival came to be recognized by the Mexican government as the country's best festival of classical music. Info view website

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